What are opportunity keywords?

What are opportunity keywords?

Put simply, an opportunity keyword is one which has a high volume of monthly searches yet a low number of competing pages. It is an opportunity keyword therefore because it is one with which you can draw traffic from search engines relatively quickly.

Google makes it simple for us to find out how many searches a keyword gets by using their Keyword Tool. This will return the number of local (in your country) and global searches (on average) each month.

Discovering how many competing pages there are is a more manual process. For this we must type the keyword in Google ┬ápreceded by “Allintitle:”, as per the example below.

The figure given in grey is the number of results with your keyword in the title of the page. (26,300 in the case of ‘sheepskin coat’.

As a rule of thumb, you can identify your opportunity keywords as those which have more than 1,000 searches per month and less than 1,000 competing pages. If you publish an article with an opportunity keyword in the title and relevant associated keywords in the article body then, providing your website is optimised for Google, you can expect it to be listed well – perhaps even in the top ten – within hours.

Opportunity keywords therefore give us a great, and free, way to attract good volumes of targeted traffic from organic search.


Another important criteria for Google’s algorithm is whether or not the keyword appears in the URL of the page. You can tell how much URL competition there is for any of your keywords by doing a search with “allinurl:” preceding the keyword. As above, the number given in grey on the first page of results is the answer.

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