How do you assure success with an Internet project?

One of the remarkable things about the Internet is the ease with which some companies have used it to raise the bar in their industry. Sometimes this is shown with a level of customer service which wasn’t available before (online check-in for airlines, for example). Other times it has been with a remarkable upturn in sales by using the Internet as a more convenient buying channel (supermarket shopping, financial products, electrical goods, books, DVDs).

Other industries have changed the way we express ourselves, or how we communicate. Every industry has online forums, for instance, and the interactivity of these facilities have given rise to a whole new way of customer neworking,

There are endless examples, in hundreds of different industries, for how the web has changed the rules of competition and customer engagement. And as more users come online and use these services, more will they expect to use the Internet to interact, engage and buy products in other sectors.

There is a single characteristic which shows in all companies which have conducted successful online engagement this way: They have all controlled the development of their solution and involved their staff in its creation and ongoing progress.

Outsourcing of web projects has proved to be a less effective method than in-sourcing. Not only is it more expensive but it can also lead to confusion, staff disatisfaction and added complexity, all of which hold back online company objectives.

At Web Inclusion we take an entirely different approach to conventional web consultants:

These days you don’t have to be a technical wizard to make things happen on the web. Everything can be done by anyone with an ounce of computer literacy in them. The only obsticles are knowledge and time. And that’s where we come in.

Instead of doing the work for you, taking the control out of your hands and shielding you from our technical knowledge, we take time to learn your online obectives.

We apply our expertise to developing a solution which really does achieve them, and sticking to it.

Then we show you and your staff how the work is done so you can decide which parts you want to do yourselves, with our guidance, and which parts you want to outsource.

The main reason for web projects failing is that technical people (usually outsourced) lose, forget or are poorly briefed on, the corporate objectives of the project. This often results in a technically brilliant, or creatively beautiful, website, but one which does not fulfil the client’s needs.

Things are different now. The web is easier and the opportunities to exceed conventional targets are greater than ever.

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