25% August Discount Digital 2016

25% August Discount Digital 2016

August Discount DigitalWeb Inclusion is running a discount offer on all digital and web work initiated throughout August 2016: August Discount Digital.

We are London’s leading web consultancy, specialising in database work and WordPress CMS: We have a strong record of providing bespoke digital solutions to a global base of clients: Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf PLC, John Newton & Co, for example. We are renowned for taking on the most complex issues and making them simple. Recent projects include the generation of a web app to synchronise an in-house high-security database with the company’s website. We then enabled ecommerce for online purchases of over 3,500 products.

August is a great time to get your web work done: August Discount Digital

The August Discount Digital offer applies for all web jobs, large or small, which are initiated in the month of August. If you need something configured, or if you want something done, talk to us. Examples of the solutions we can provide include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Migration of website to new CMS (for better SEO or otherwise)
  2. App Creation: A new mobile app, either from scratch or to compliment existing website
  3. Content Strategy: Get your communications read and acted on by your target audience
  4. New Website from scratch (for startups or web newcomers)
  5. Website Optimisation: Make sure your website really works for you
  6. Web Upgrade: Bring your website into 2016 and make it future-proof
  7. Multi-device Compatible: Enable your website on mobiles, tablets and all screen formats


Free Consultation

As well as providing a 25% discount, we are ready and waiting to give you a free initial consultation on whatever digital issues you need help with. So get in touch today, and give us a brief outline of what your project involves. We will then come back to you quickly to discuss how we can help.

Call Now: 020 7193 2253

– or use the form below and we will come back to you:

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